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20010 Cornaredo (MI) Italy
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Family company for three generations, Gandus Saldatrici is born and raised in Milan and is still recognized in full in the traditional philosophy of the Lombard capital. He has always been able to build on its success year after year, without ever making rash decisions, but do not neglect to seize the opportunities of the market that from time to time arose.

In 1890 Mr Prospero Gandus begins to produce and sell envelopes and labels paper made by hand, gradually extending the activity.

During the Second World War the factory was severely damaged, but the activity did not stop. The family went on operating in the field and, with the advent of polyethylene bags, arriving in 1954 to design and build the first Gandus impulse sealing machine for their closure.
The recovery in the postwar period is not very fast, but absolutely constant, and thus gives the company thickness entrepreneurial and security in the choices.

Today Gandus Saldatrici appears in the landscape of packaging as a complete and highly professional reality. It focusses on niche markets, an important competitive advantage, average structure, streamlined, dynamic and very responsive. It offers today a range consisting in over 100 versions of manual, semi-automatic and automatic machines, able to offer a quality solution for every packaging need.

The name Gandus is really a synonym for "Global Packaging Solutions."

The group Gandus fact, through the experience of the three companies that are part of it - Gandus Saldatrici packaging machines, Bustaplast Flexible Packaging and Gandus La Velox - is now able to offer all the solutions in terms of packaging, from packaging machines to flexible materials up to every packaging materials you need for any type of gift.