Bags and Tubes sealers


Impulse sealing machine for the simultaneous sealing and coding of PE-AL/PE tubes of different lengths. Today with all the great advantages of Stainless Steel and latest generation Controller.


Table top user friendly impulse sealing machine for the simultaneously sealing and coding of 4 or 6 PE-AL/PE tubes of different lengths, from mm 105 to mm 220, diameter up to mm 60.

Sealing width mm 4 flat.

Supplied with an innovative controller, which sets new standard in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Advanced controls and intuitive features to streamline your production workflow and ensure unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Electronic control of sealing time, cooling time and cooling temperature.

Special tubes holder upon request.

Punch code system upon request

Graduated positioning scale to optimize the sealing head height adjustment.

Why Choose tb-3

The tb-3 is the perfect solution for small manufacturers or quality/production tests.

Its state-of-the-art features, coupled with the durability, strength, hygiene, maximum shelf life, great sustainability of stainless steel, guarantee a superior sealing production process and output.

Accessories upon request

Punch code system

Additional special tubes holder with special diameters

Additional punch holder bar

  • food products
  • chemicals
  • cosmetics

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