Maintenance and after sales services

Free Testing Service

Gandus Saldatrici technical department is available to carry out packaging tests with your samples, in order to identify the best system and the most correct parameters for the type of product and packaging. Tests are carried out at Gandus Saldatrici. Contact

Service contracts

Service contracts available on request. Contact

Annual calibration services contracts

Annual calibration services contracts available on request. Contact

Spare parts

The spare parts department is available for the supply of original spare parts, which ensure continuity of operation of the machines sold by Gandus Saldatrici. In the request always indicate machine model and serial number. Contact

Worldwide Technical support

Gandus Saldatrici offers worldwide technical support for all machines manufactured and distributed. Contact

Instructions manuals

All machines are delivered with an operating manual. If necessary, you can request a digital copy. remember to indicate machine model and serial number. Contact

Delivery and Installation worldwide

On request Gandus Saldatrici takes care of transport and installation services. Installation is carried out by our specialized technical staff, who will also provide the appropriate training to operational staff.

Remote assistance service

The service enables our specialized technicias to remotely intervene to diagnose and solve some malfunctions in order to speed up assistance. Contact Training On request Gandus Saldatrici organizes complete training sessions on all our machines, with the issue of a participation certificate. Contact