ISO 11607.2 Fully Validatable sealers


ISO 11607,2 Validatable medical rotary sealer, space saving, operated by Touch screen

minirò H-lan touch

ISO 11607.2 Validatable rotary medical sealer with sealing parameters control, setting touch screen and communication ports.

minirò H-net Evo

ISO 11607.2 Validatable medical sealer. Reliable performance for intensive medical device packaging

minirò H-seal VP Evo

ISO 11607.2 Validatable rotary sealer with complete control of sealing parameters.

rebi Serie

Compact, flexible and green rotary sealers available in numerous customizations to meet the most different pakaging requirements

Medical H 460/610/710 Digital Accutemp

ISO 11607.2 Validatable impulse sealer with complete control of sealing parameters.


ISO 11607.2 Validatable pneumatic impulse sealer.


ISO 11607.2 Validatable pneumatic vacuum impulse sealer,

Vseal it VP

The only ISO 11607.2 Validatable medical Seal-Cut Pouch Maker with CHEVRON SEAL for automatic production of sterilisable medical pouches starting from standard reels.


Pouch Packaging Station

New generation indicator test for routing testing of your sealing devices. According to ISO 11607.1/2 and ASTM F1929

Seal CheckIT

Test system for the daily testing of sealing device and for Operational Qualification according to EN ISO 11607-2:2006 process Validation

Peel Strength Test

Peel Strength Test of the seal ensuring compliance with EN 868-5 requirements and to Validation process Qualification Performance (QP)


Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification

minirò poly VP Touch

ISO 11607.2 Validatable rotary medical sealer with 4.3” colour setting Touch screen and communication interfaces


For Life Science and high demanding applications. AISI 304 stainless steel pneumatic impulse sealers. ISO 11607.2 Validatable versions. Vacuum versions.